Universal Mermaid Tail

Universal Mermaid Tail

The Universal Mermaid tail is a fully rigged parentable figure with ezpose controls for posing.

This mermaid tail fits Victoria4 in the default, but contains many morphs and FIT poses to use the tail with over 30 different figures

To use:
load your figure in the zero position, apply the Hide legs pose included. Load the tail and apply the FIT pose for your figure. Then parent the tail to the hip of your figure and continue posing your figure and tail as usual

Some adjustment morphs are included to accommodate poses and figure morphs. The flukes have ten shaping morphs which can be used in combination to alter the shape of the tail. The ezpose scaling dials have been enabled, so you can lengthen and shorten the tail easily.

Four textures are included - Male and female realistic with scale details brought out with handpainted bump and displacement maps. And Male and Female Toon style, with a more simplified style suitable for toon figures.

A texture expansion pack with more colours should be coming soon

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