Witchen Too for Genesis 3 Females

Witchen Too for Genesis 3 Females

No need to leave your Genesis 3 Female out of Halloween fun, Witchen Too is a remake of the original Witchen with new textures. It has been remastered and rerigged to fit Genesis 3 and her morphs. This product consists of a corset, skirt, cape, witch hat, and boots.

This clothing set works in:
DAZ Studio 4.7 or higher

DSON Poser companion files are NOT included.

Supported Genesis 3 Female Shapes Corset:
Breasts Cleavage (Corset)
Breasts Diameter (Corset)
Breasts Size (Corset)
Breasts Small (Corset)
Bethany 7 (Boots, Cape, Skirt)
Body Size (Boots, Cape, Corset, Skirt)
Emaciated (Boots, Cape, Corset, Skirt)
Eva 7 (Boots, Cape, Corset, Skirt)
Heavy (Boots, Cape, Corset, Skirt)
Fitness Size (Cape, Corset, Skirt)
Josie 7 (Boots, Cape, Corset, Skirt)
Pear Figure (Boots, Cape)
Thin (Boots, Corset, Skirt)
Victoria 7 (Boots, Cape, Corset, Skirt)
Voluptuous (Cape, Corset, Skirt)

Other morph shapes supported in DAZ Studio by Auto-follow.

Morphs Corset:
Adjust Breasts
Adjust Hips

Morphs Skirt:
Adjust Fullness
Adjust Length
Back Out
Front Lower
Front Out
Left Thigh Out
Right Thigh Out

Morphs Cape:
Adjust Left Collar
Adjust Right Collar
Billow Back
Ties Out

Morphs Hat:
Lift Brim Back
Widen Crown

What you get with this package:
06 Geometry files (.duf )
02 Material Presets for each both in NVIDIA Iray and 3Delight(.duf)

32 Texture, bump, normal, recflection, and transparency maps

Thank you for supporting my products . . . and have fun!

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 3 Female

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser and Daz Studio