Dynamic Summer Dress La Femme

Dynamic Summer Dress La Femme

Dynamic Summer Dress now for LaFemme! This classic item returns with a vengeance refitted for LaFemme, and with new, optimized materials for SuperFly, with PBR for optimized render quality. The Firefly settings remain for those who prefer this, they load as dual-materials.

It is a high-resolution cloth for Poser's clothroom, which yields highly detailed drapes. The UV and texture resolution is also significantly increased, with096x4096 texture maps. It's very simple to add your own logo or pattern to the textures. You may use the included white or black colored texture to make your own textures for the shirt.

The shirt comes with over 100 materials, including simple cotton colors, batiks, paints, logos, strips, satin, tiedye and several new materials and textures.

Some of the textures are available to be reused for content creators of this shirt for making their own textures. This is further described in the readme file.

Software: Poser 11

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser