FRQ Dynamics: Rockabilly Dress

FRQ Dynamics: Rockabilly Dress

The perfect dynamic Retro Rockabilly/Swing dress that comes with a whole bunch of materials! Travel back in time to the sweet 1950s, choose a modern pinup look, or go for an edgy psychobilly/punk style with skulls. This product fits V4 and Dawn.

This pack contains:
• Dynamic Dress and Petticoat .pp2 props (V4 & Dawn)
• Morphs on the dynamic garments
• .mc6 materials (11 sets for the dress and 5 for the petticoat)
• Instructions and Cloth Room tips

Poser only since this is a dynamic clothing pack.


These are dial by hand since it is important to only use the ones you need and to be able to easily find and turn them off after simulation, see instruction pdf included. What these morphs will do for you on dynamic clothing is save you time and to give you better control over how the cloth will drape when working with different body shapes. This method also gives superior results on cloth areas that have been put on constrained.

Victoria 4:
• Aiko 4
• Bulk
• Thin
• Voluptuous
• Chest Size
• Waist Size

• BodyVoluptuous
• BodyBulk
• BodyEmaciated
• BreastCupE
• BreastCupD
• BreastCupB
• BreastCupA

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Dawn, Dawn S.E.

Compatible figures: 
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