La Femme Harlequin

La Femme Harlequin

"I'm not a good master. I'm a horrible master. I beat you all the time. That'll be fun."

Imagine all the michevious fun you can have with this character.

Just beware that she can thwart your plans and the outcome will be wholly different than what you imagined.

This set includes 4 Conforming pieces for La Femme.

~ 1 LFHarlequin Boots
~ 1 LFHarlequin Hood
~ 1 LFHarlquin Mask
~ 1 LFHarleqin Suit

~ 1 Hide Ears Injection file
~ 1 Hide Feet Pose
~ 1 Hide Body parts Pose

~ 1 Harlequin Facemask paint

SuperFly Optimized textures.

Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Required Products:  
La Femme Pro - V.2

Clothing for Poser