Maisie Summer Fun Clothing

Maisie Summer Fun Clothing

Maisie Summer Fun Clothing is a light,outfit. It is suitable for everything from the beach and the board walk to strolling the local mall, or window shopping on Main Street. This is a toon set meant for a toon figure.

The primary conforming clothing is a sleeveless shirt and a pain of shorts.

Props consisting of a broad brimed sun hat, an open bag that can be used to carry beach items or small purchases, and a pair of flip flops. The flip flops are loaded seperately so the can be used seperately in your scenes.

A number of color options are provided as well as templates for creating your own textures. Please feel free ti use the normal maps that come with the set in your own texture sets as they are needed to provide the shown wrinlking. When changiing the color of the flip flops, select either the left or right flip flop and click the desired color, then select the other flip flop and load a new color for it, some fun can be made by loading different colors to each flip flop. The included textures are aimed for the Superfly renderer.

The clothing items contain all of the morphjs that come with the Maisie figure and will automatically be activates when the morphs are dialed into Maisie.

The bag contains a morph that can be dialed to open and close it.

Maisie has been tested in Poser 11 and may not work in older versions.

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Compatible figures: Maisie

Compatible figures: 
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