Nite Watcher 3 - Bundle

Nite Watcher 3 - Bundle

Get it all! Nite Watcher 3 and Miss X the new Nite Watcher gal!

When the going gets tough it's time for Miss X and the Nite Watchers!

Nite Watcher 3 Bundle

In this pack:

Miss X:

1 Superhero Character for V4

1 Custom Head Morph INJ/REM
1 DAZ dialed Body Morphs ++ INJ/REM
1 Nipple INJ/REM Utility Pose
1 Lashes Long INJ/REM Utility Pose
6 Complete Texture Options to Match Nitewatcher 3 Clothing Texture Pack
2 Alternate Eye Options

AO, No AO and SSS Mats for all options


Nite Watcher 3 for 3D-Age's Frisky Swim & Cats

• Objects:


• Props:

Sphere LH
Sphere RH
Tiara WG
Tiara CF

• 93 Textures including maps

• 6 MAT Poses for the Frisky Swim suit
• 6 MAT Poses for the Cats' boots
• 6 MAT Poses for the Cats' gloves
• 1 MAT Pose for the Cats' goggles
• 6 MAT Poses for the Cats' hat
• 4 MAT Poses for the Cats' suit
• 1 MAT Pose for the Cats' thigh strap
• 1 MAT Pose for the Cats' whip
• 6 MAT Poses for the sphere
• 2 MAT Poses for the tiara

• 15 Utility Poses

• Templates

Please be sure to read the ReadMe files to be able to fully enjoy this product.

Frisky Swim by 3D-Age
Cats by 3D-Age

†This pack has not been tested in DAZ Studio†

Rendered in Poser Pro 2010

No touch-ups.

†All Styles are shown in the promotional images above.†

To view more images please view:
Nite Watcher 3
Nite Watcher 3 Miss X

† Figures, hair and poses are not included.†

Thank you for your interest in our products.

Promo credits:

• Poses by Danie
• Lights by Fabiana
• Comic Actions by AdamWright

Product requirements

Poser 6+, V4 and Morphs++, Poser 9+ for SSS, Cats and Frisky Swim by 3D Age
Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser