Devourer for Michael 3 and the Freak

Devourer for Michael 3 and the Freak

What is the Devourer? Is it the product of deliberate genetic engineering, or the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong? Is it from the depths of outer space-- or from the depths of nightmare?

The Devourer might be any of those. The only thing for certain is that it is HUNGRY.

This set for Michael 3 and the Freak includes morphs for the body and head, four teeth morphs, and two sets of textures. Chomp!

Compatibility: Poser 5, Poser 6, and DAZ Studio.

Compatible 3D Figures
Michael 3, The Freak 3
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Morphs (All Morphs Load from One Pose File)
    • Devourer Morph (Body and Head)
    • Four Teeth Morphs:
      • Fangs
      • Jagged
      • Pointed
      • Snaggled
  • Two Sets of Textures (with MAT Pose Files)-- Each Set Contains One Head Map (4000 x 2720), One Body Map (3000 x 4000), and One Teeth-Gums Map (2048 x 2048)
    • Green Reptilian (See Popup 1)
    • Blue Alien (See Popup 2)
  • Four Eye Maps, with MAT Files:
    • Green Reptile
    • Blue Alien
    • Red
    • Speckled
  • Works with the DAZ Expression Morphs (See Popup 3)
  • Works on the DAZ Freak (See Popup 4)
  • Material Presets Included for DAZ Studio (Note to DAZ Studio Users: For Correct Results, You MUST Use the DAZ Studio Material Presets, and NOT the Poser MAT Files)
Compatible figures: 
Creatures for Daz Studio and Poser