krill.MINIMA Cyborg for V4

krill.MINIMA Cyborg for V4

krill.MINIMA Cyborg: A perfect addition to your sci-fi scenes. Versatile as a main character with warmth and compassion or as a mechanical droid. Krill comes with partial and full body INJ/REM morphs, six different textures with displacement maps and bump maps. Use the DAZ Studio presets to get the most out of krill.MINIMA.

Required Products
Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
This product includes two full installers, plus an installer with DAZ Studio optimized files.
Compatible 3D Figures
Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Krill Minima Character
    • Full Body INJ/REM
    • Head INJ/REM
    • Body INJ/REM
  • Six MAT Files
    • Cyborg 1
    • Cyborg 2
    • Cyborg 3
    • Cyborg 4
    • Cyborg 5
    • Cyborg 6
  • 29 Texture Maps
    • Four Bump Maps
      • EFace Maps (4000x4000)
      • Torso Maps (4000x4000)
      • Limb Maps (4000x4000)
    • Three Displacement Maps
      • Face Map (4000x4000)
      • Torso Map (4000x4000)
      • Limb Map (4000x4000)
    • 22 Diffuse Maps
      • Four Eye Maps (2048x2048)
      • Six Face Maps (4000x4000)
      • Six Limb Maps (4000x4000)
      • Six Torso Maps (4000x4000)
Compatible figures: 
Creatures for Daz Studio and Poser