Millennium Dragon 2.0

Millennium Dragon 2.0

The Dragons are Coming!

Dragons are the ultimate mythical beast of legend and the ultimate 3D version of this magnificent creature, the Millennium Dragon 2.0, lives up to all the stories you've heard! Included in the Millennium Dragon 2.0 is the new Eastern Dragon, the original Millennium Dragon, and loads of new morph targets, brand new head pieces, texture maps, and poses to allow you to create thousands of unique dragon varieties. All of this, along with an enhanced geometric mesh, means that the Millennium Dragon 2.0 is the absolute best virtual dragon commercially available. The additional dragon figure, the Eastern Dragon, is DAZ's rendition of the Oriental Imperial dragon, which legend says resides in water and brings good luck and wealth. All three dragon figures are highly detailed and extremely versatile, with endless possibilities for your 3D renders.

NOTE: The Millennium Dragon 2.0 is a highly detailed model made of over 84,000 polygons and can be slow to load and pose on slower computer systems.
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Millennium Dragon 2.0 CR2 and OBJ. (Based on the same mesh as the Millennium Dragon 1.0, with completely backward compatibile UVs for use with Millennium Dragon 1.0 Texture Maps.)
  • Eastern Dragon CR2 and OBJ. Includes Full Range of Mimic Compatible Expressions and Phonemes.
  • 19 Brand New Add-on(Conforming) Head Pieces for the Millennium Dragon:
    • Beard, Chin Fins, Ear Fins 1and 2, Ear Plates, Ears Curved, Head Plates 1-4,
    • Head Spikes, Head Whisps 1-3, Horns Back, Horns Side, Jaw Fins,
    • Jaw Horns Large 1 and 2.
  • 206 Head and Body Morph Targets. Includes All of the Morphs from Millennium Dragon 1.0 as well as Brand New Body Types, Body Spikes, Head Shaping Morphs, and Mimic Compatible Phonemes/Expressions. For Complete List of Morphs Click Here.
  • 121 Texture, Bump, Transparency, and Specular Maps for Use with the Millennium Dragon, Its Add-on Pieces and the New Eastern Dragon. For Complete List of Textures Click Here.
  • 37 MAT Poses to Apply Texture, Bump, Transparency and Specular (P5 Only) Maps.
  • 14 Updated Standard Poses, Bringing the Millennium Dragon's Poses Up to Date with the Joint Updates on the Millennium Dragon 2.
  • Bonus: Includes the Entire Millennium Dragon 1.0 Product With Its Texture Maps, Poses, Add-on Tail Pieces and Conforming Horns! Millennium Dragon 1.0 Product.
Compatible figures: 
Dragons for Daz Studio and Poser