Eternal Romance for Village Courtyard

Eternal Romance for Village Courtyard

Imagine the beautiful and detailed Stonemason Village Courtyard... You add your characters in there, you aim for a night scene and want to quickly get professional lighting out of your way... Well, now you can. With this light set, it´s a simple as load and render. The hard work and time consuming testing is done. All you need to do, is add the light set and hit render... You do your scene, Dreamlight will do your magic lighting...

Required Products
Village Courtyard
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
  • Save time and frustration: Utilize a professional and detailed light set for the entire prop
  • Gives you complete freedom and doesn´t limit your scene in any way.
  • Works with any camera angle and character placement.
  • A total of 123 lights using customized Light Dome PRO technology
  • Optimized for maximum quality and render speed
  • 17 Pool Lights
  • 16 Sky Lights
  • 24 Ambient Lights
  • Moon Light
  • 21 Ceiling Lights
  • 21 Bounce Lights
  • 19 Ceiling Glow Lights
  • 4 Lantern Lights
  • 7 Fog Planes for additional fog effects
  • 360 degree panoramic sky backdrop
  • 11 predefined cameras (16:9 screen ratio)
  • Quickstart User Guide included
  • High rez preview 1
  • High rez preview 2
  • High rez preview 3
  • High rez preview 4
  • High rez preview 5
  • High rez preview 6
  • High rez preview 7
  • High rez preview 8
  • High rez preview 9
  • High rez preview 10
  • High rez preview 11
  • Dreamlight blog with free tricks and tips
  • Dreamlight Free Technical Support Forum
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