Seaside Rendezvous

Seaside Rendezvous

Get Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Victoria Elite, and the Girl 4 into this fun outfit full of vintage charm. Dress your girls in a laced-up pencil skirt, a halterneck corset with the typical sailor's collar, and a sailor's beret. Use each of the four included texture sets and the visibility and length options to create a variety of different looks.

DAZ Studio Users: There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for these Presets. DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio version of the Material Presets, giving you the correct DAZ Studio look to your Seaside Rendezvous.

Product used in Promo Imagery Include:
  • Belle Arum Hair
  • Sayuri Hair
  • Modern Muses: Bastienne
  • Ynes for V4 by Third Degree
  • Modern Muses Lissa
  • Pallene Hair
  • The Streets Of Asia
  • Sexy Platform Sandals
Compatible 3D Figures
Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Victoria 4 Elite, The Girl 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 2 Conforming Figures: (.CR2 and .OBJ)
    • Corset
    • Skirt with 7 Bodyhandles for Better Posing
  • 1 Beret Prop (.PP2 and .OBJ)
    • BONUS: Michal 4 Fit
    • Numerous Adjustment Morphs to Adapt to Different Hairstyles
  • Supported Morphs Include:
    • the Girl 4
    • Aiko 4
    • Aiko Realistic
    • Aiko Stylized
    • Amazon
    • Body Builder
    • Bulk
    • Fitness
    • Thin
    • Young
    • Voluptuous
    • Fantasia
    • Sylph
    • Utopian
    • Breasts Cleavage
    • Breasts Diameter
    • Breasts Size
    • Breasts Large
    • Breasts Implant
    • Bastienne
    • Ynes
    • GND
    • Movement morphs for Corset Bow and Beret Ribbons
    • Adjustment Morphs
  • 4 Color Options:
    • Blue
    • Cream
    • Red
    • Teal
  • Fully Custom INJ and REM Morphs For Victoria to get the proper corseted body shape (no Morphs++ needed)
  • INV Poses for the Sailor Collar
  • Textures:
    • 15 Beret Texture, Displacement, Specularity, Bump and Transparency Maps (3072 x 3072)
    • 16 Corset Texture, Displacement, Specularity, Bump and Transparency Maps (3072 x 3072)
    • 15 Skirt Texture, Displacement, Specularity, Bump and Transparency Maps (3072 x 3072)
  • Advanced Poser Material Poses (.PZ2)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DS) (Requires Elite Human Surface Shader)
  • Extensive PDF with usage instructions, tips and tricks
Eveyday Clothing for Daz Studio and Poser