aniMate Martial Arts Boxing for M4

aniMate Martial Arts Boxing for M4

We got a martial arts expert to capture these top quality aniBlocks for your fighting and boxing animation needs for Michael 4.

Compatible 3D Figures
Michael 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 26 Martial Arts Boxing aniBlocks
    • Boxing Combo1
    • Boxing Combo2
    • Boxing Combo3
    • Hit Back
    • Hit Body Chest
    • Hit Body Left
    • Hit Body Middle Hard
    • Hit Body Middle
    • Hit Face Chin
    • Hit Face Left
    • Hit Face Right
    • Hit Face Stagger
    • Hit Groin
    • Hit Leg Left Inside
    • Hit Leg Left
    • Hook
    • Switch To South
    • Vertical Punch
    • Cross
    • Ducks
    • Front Hand Upper Cut
    • Halting Ram
    • Jab
    • Jab Cross Hook
    • Spar Bounce1
    • Spar Bounce2
Compatible figures: 
Fighting Animations and Poses for Daz Studio and Poser