SuperFly PBR Collection for La Femme FMPs

SuperFly PBR Collection for La Femme FMPs

SuperFly PBR Collection for La Femme FMPs. (PBR means "Physically Based Rendering").

::::: IMPORTANT :::::

This product can only be used with Poser 11 / SuperFly renderer.

It will not work with older Poser versions and the materials will not look ok with the FireFly renderer.

For using this set you need to have:

- Poser 11
- La Femme
- Femme Fatale FMPs

Included in this set are:

- 120 mc6 files
- 3 readme mc6 files
- 22 textures (color / height / normal / roughness / metallic) - all 4096 x 4096 pixel

You have the possibility to change all materials of the shoes or you can also change only the top leather material of the shoes and the rubber material of the heels.

You can also apply a color of your choice to the shoes. A small readme image shows where you need to change it in the material room.

I decided to include such large textures for the shoes in this set to make sure they will render really nice in close up images. If you don't need such high details, you can open the texture files in a graphic software of your choice and simply scale them down.

Don't use to much compression when you resave the files, because you will loose details and make sure to have a copy of the original files just in case you need to have larger images later.

Software: Poser 11

Compatible figures: La Femme Female Poser Figure

Required Products: Femme Fatale FMPs

Compatible figures: 
Footwear for Poser