Morphing Business Suit

Morphing Business Suit

This elegant suit is the only business suit you will ever for any of your Genesis characters. The suit comes in five separate pieces, all packed with fitting, styling and movement morphs. The five pieces are:

Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Neck Tie and Handkerchief

The pieces layer together beautifuly and contain every morph you could wish for - and then some. There are morphs to unbutton and open the shirt and jacket, add or remove wrinkles, undo and pull down the pants, change the shape of lapels, trousers and jackets, alter the length of the shirt, tie, jacket and pants, skew the tie, change the knot size and many, many more. You'll find a full list under "What's Included and Features."

Further, the suit has FBMs for all the main Genesis figures - male and female, child and toon. Not only will it do the business for M5 and the rest of the guys, but by using some of the morphs it makes an elegant pantsuit for any of your female characters.

Also included are five beautiful textures, including grey flannel, navy linen, brown pinstripe as well as broadcloth and raw silk to work with your own diffuse color choice. Or you can easily replace any of these with your own shaders. Half a dozen crisp business shirt textures are provided as well - all in pale colors you can leave as they are or color as you choose. A bunch of neckties ranging from classic stripes and florals to tartans and gleaming Thai silks complete the wardrobe.

Just fit the suit pieces to your character, pose, then use the included morphs and utilities for style, movement and to eliminate poke through.

Usage Tip: Always turn off smoothing for best results, particularly with wrinkles.

Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
  • Business Suit (.DSF):
    • Handkerchief (8 morphs)
    • Jacket (46 morphs)
    • Necktie (27 morphs)
    • Pants (28 morphs)
    • Shirt (55 morphs)
    • Supported Genesis Shapes:
      • Aiko3
      • Aiko4
      • Freak3
      • Freak4
      • Hiro3
      • Hiro4
      • Hiro5
      • Hitomi
      • HitomiBreastsRound
      • Michael3
      • Michael4
      • Michael5
      • Michael5Hero
      • MrHyde
      • PearFigure
      • PotBellied
      • Stephanie3
      • Stephanie5
      • Stephanie5CurvyBody
      • Stephanie5ModelBody
      • TheGirl4
      • Thin
      • Victoria3
      • Victoria4
      • Victoria5
      • Victoria5Sprmdl
      • Voluptuous
      • ToughGuy
      • Other Shapes supported in DAZ Studio by Auto-follow
  • Material Options:
    • Button Options:
      • Buttons Mother of Pearl
      • Buttons Plastic
    • 01 Hankerchief Base Option
    • 06 Base Shirt Options
    • 12 Suit Options:
      • Bone Raw Silk Jacket
      • Bone Raw Silk Pants
      • Broadcloth Jacket Your Diffuse
      • Broadcloth Pants Your Diffuse
      • Grey Flannel Jacket
      • Grey Flannel Pants
      • Jacket Brown Pinstripe
      • Navy Linen Jacket
      • Navy Linen Pants
      • Pants Brown Pinstripe
      • Tweedy Tan Jacket
      • Tweedy Tan Pants
    • 15 Tie Options:
      • Brown Stripes
      • BW Stripes
      • Candy Stripes
      • Classic Stripes
      • Floral
      • Pale Paisley
      • Plaid Blue
      • Plaid Red
      • Thai Silk Brown
      • Thai Silk Gold
      • Thai Silk Grey
      • Thai Silk Maroon
      • Thai Silk Navy
      • Thai Silk Pink
      • Thai Silk Red
    • 06 Suit Utility Options:
      • Hide Pants Cuffs
      • Hide Shirt Sleeves
      • Show Pants Cuffs
      • Show Shirt Sleeves
      • Tuck In Shirt
      • Untuck Shirt
  • Textures:
    • 45 Texture, Bump, Displacement and Reflection Maps (200 x 200 up to 3000 x 3000)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
Compatible figures: 
Formal Clothing for Daz Studio