Home One Bedroom

Home One Bedroom

Double the fun! Home One Bedroom gives you not just one, but two complete sets of bedroom furniture in the same pack! With one set for adults and one for kids, there's everything you need to make your bedroom scenes come to life. All pieces are life-size and superbly detailed, with high-quality textures and one-click material presets to apply them. Home One Bedroom is compatible with poser 5-6 and Daz|Studio, and has separate installers for each program. The Daz|Studio installer contains native content, full scenes and presets, all optimised for D|S.

Note : The Home One Apartment is compatible with this pack, but is not required. Figures and props are pre-positioned to open inside the Home One Bedroom, but they can be used in any other house or room.

  • DAZ Studio files updated 03/25/2011 for compatibility with Studio 3.0+
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • 2 Full bedroom sets
  • 13 Poseable figures and 18 props
  • 3 Pre-built scenes (DAZ|Studio only)
  • 49 Textures and over 95 Material/pose files
  • Separate installers for DAZ|Studio or Poser
  • 11 Page Help File included
  • Figures (adults)
    • Futon Bed
      • All bed-clothes have morphs (lie, sit, etc)
      • Poseable mattress, pillows, sheets, blanket and quilt
      • ERC controls for main morphs
      • Displacement maps for folds & wrinkles
    • Wardrobe
      • Full unit or 3 single wardrobes
      • 36 Poseable body parts
      • Configuration poses included
    • Dresser
      • 3 Poseable bevelled mirrors
      • Parented light (to illuminate figure in mirror)
      • Poseable drawers and doors
    • Folding Screens
      • One ERC control to pose all four screens
      • Switching geometry for alternate screens
    • Side-tables
      • 3 Poseable drawers and shelf
    • Table-lamps
      • Parented point lights
      • Morphing cables and lampshade
    • Clothes Basket
      • Poseable lid/handles
  • Figures (children)
    • Bunk-beds
      • Morphing mattresses, sheets and pillows
      • Upper/lower beds have separate body parts & materials
      • Steps section and 5 poseable drawers
    • Baby's Crib
      • ERC 'Rock' control
      • Morphing mattress, sheet, quilt and pillow
    • Dresser
      • Parented light (to illuminate figure in mirror)
      • 5 Poseable drawers
    • Wardrobe
      • Poseable doors, drawers and shelves
    • Cupboard
      • 10 Poseable 'noughts & crosses' drawers
    • Screens
      • ERC 'corner' morph
      • 8 posable screens
      • 4 'cutout' transparency maps
  • Textures
    • Includes fabrics, wood, glass and others
    • Displacement presets for folds, wrinkles and other effects
    • Displacement for scratched wood
  • Props
    • Book and digital clock
    • Make-up accessories and stool
    • Picture frame and mirror
    • 3 rugs
    • Storage box and hangers
    • Cushion and beach ball with 'sit' morphs
  • Versions
    • Daz|Studio / Poser 5-6
    • Separate DAZ|Studio / Poser installers
Furniture for Daz Studio and Poser