The Ford Model N Series tractors were built from 1947 thru 1952 were the work horse on the farm. Though not a big powerful tractor it was great for the hard jobs never the less. Millions were built and thousands of them are still used today. It was the first vehicle I learned to drive as a young lad bringing in hay, corn, beans, cleaning barns and countless other jobs, and yes even driving to town to hang out.
This package content is a highly detailed exterior 1950’s Ford Tractor Vehicle for Poser.
The Zip can load the Runtime files into DS, and the ERC Dials work, but you must make your own Shaders .
The Basic Figure FTractor will load in with only 61,686 Polygons so adding many vehicles to your scene is no problem. Also included is Loader and Rear Blade Figures.
- Fully posable figures (.cr2) for Poser 8 up. Has been tested an works in Poser 6.
- 15 Smart Props Shifter, RearLights, FrtGuard, 3PtHitch, 3PtStabBar, 3PtChains, 3PtSpring, BaleSpear, HaySpear, HayProp, DirtFull, DirtHalf, DirtPour, LooseDump, Pile, Free Bonus Props.
- 42 Materials.
-21 Loader Poses and 16MATPoses.
- All textures jpg for materials.
- All objects are included to be used in any 3D program that imports wavefront object type files.
ERC dials, works View/Tabs/Parameters/General/Car Parts Dials in Daz Studio.
ERC dials on the BODY, in Poser.
- ERC Dial- Drive
- ERC Dial- Steering (affects both front wheels an steering wheel).
- ERC Dial- All4Wheels
- ERC Dial- RearWheels
- ERC Dial- SeatAdjustment
- LoaderControls
- ERC Dial- ArmLift
- ERC Dial- LiftRods
- ERC Dial- LiftCylinders
- ERC Dial- Bucket
- ERC Dial- DumpRod
- ERC Dial- DumpCylinder
- ERC Dial- LiftControl
- ERC Dial- DumpControl
- ERC Dial- RVent
- ERC Dial- BladeTurn [Align holes to stop Pin]
- ERC Dial- LowerRaise
See ReadMe for more details.

Product requirements

Poser 8
Historical for Poser