Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl

Prisoner or victim, street waif or Cinderella...your runtime girls have beautiful and exotic costumes when what they really need is RAGS, filthy and blood stained rags. They have pristine skin and pretty make up, when what they need is DIRT and GRIME. Dirty Girl is the princess as the pauper, the fantasy warrior in shackles, and the little girl lost. Dirty Girl gives you nine options for rags as textures for the DAZ Morphing Fantasy Dress to fit five DAZ figures; Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko, Laura and The Girl. It also gives you a beautiful but dirty skin for Victoria 4 with three different faces; filthy, crying and mascara tears. There are also five eye colors and a stunning new "Dirty Girl" character. This is a custom head morph created in ZBrush, so it will work on all V4 models, including the Base Figure with no morph packs. The set includes rag sets in three styles; short, medium and long. Each comes in three different textures; clean, filthy and bloodied. You can also use the diffuse channel to apply the color of your choice to the clean rags, giving you nine basic rag options and an infinite number of color choices. The Dirty Girl set is all about options. Apply your favorite clean texture with the Dirty Girl head morph for a stunning and soulful young girl who will fit into any scene. Or grubby up your favorite V4 character with a Dirty Girl skin. Dirty Girl fills that gap in your runtime. You will use these textures again and again! Just having this set will inspire you to create new scenes and sequences.

Required Products
V4 Morphing Fantasy Dress
V3 Morphing Fantasy Dress
Morphing Fantasy Dress for Laura
Girl Morphing Fantasy Dress
A3 Morphing Fantasy Dress
Compatible 3D Figures
Victoria 4, Aiko 4, Victoria 4 Elite, The Girl 4, Stephanie 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Dirty Girl for Victoria 4.2
    • Custom Head INJ/REM
    • Full MAT
  • 2 Make-up Options
    • Face Crying
    • Mascara Tears
  • 6 Eye Options
    • Blue
    • Dark (Default)
    • Green
    • Green P5
    • Grey
    • Hazel
  • 9 Looks for Morphing Fantasy Dress
    • Rags Long Blood
    • Rags Long Clean
    • Rags Long Dirty
    • Rags Med Blood
    • Rags Med Clean
    • Rags Med Dirty
    • Rags Short Blood
    • Rags Short Clean
    • Rags Short Dirty
  • Textures
    • 9 Dress Textures (3500x3500)
    • 4 Dress Transparency Maps (3500x3500)
    • 3 Dress Bump Maps (3500x3500)
    • 1 Cornea Transparency Map (800x800)
    • 1 Eye Bump Map (800x800)
    • 5 Eye Textures (800x800)
    • 1 Eye Surface Texture (512x512)
    • 1 Eye Surface Transparency Map (512x512)
    • 4 Head Textures (3500x3500)
    • 1 Head Bump Map (3500x3500)
    • 1 Lash Transparency Map (1000x1000)
    • 1 Limbs Texture (3500x3500)
    • 1 Limbs Bump Map (3500x3500)
    • 1 Mouth Texture (3500x3500)
    • 1 Torso Texture (3500x3500)
    • 1 Torso Bump Map (3500x3500)
  • MAT Poses to Apply All Options (.PZ2)
Human Textures Skins and Maps for Daz Studio and Poser