M3 Character Heads Bundle

M3 Character Heads Bundle

The M3 Character Heads Bundle contains a stand-alone morph pack to create even more versatility and individuality for Michael 3. It consists of 152 carefully crafted head and neck morphs. A new cr2 is included for all the new channels, as well as the original DAZ morphs, making the possibilites endless. These morphs are meant to emphasize Sci-Fi Aliens along with a number of strong male faces.

Also included is another superb set of 40 unique and exciting male faces that require the M3 Head and Body Morph pack, giving you even more opportunities for Michael 3.

Required Products
Michael 3.0 Head & Body Morphs
Compatible 3D Figures
Michael 3
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • M3 Character Morphs
    • New Cr2 with 152 new channels added (see list below)
    • 43 INJ/REM pz2's
    • M3 40 Faces
    • 81 INJ/REM pz2's
    • List of New Morphs: Click Here
Compatible figures: 
Humanoid Morphs for Daz Studio and Poser