iRadiance - HDRI Variety Pack Four 8k HDRIs for Iray

iRadiance - HDRI Variety Pack Four 8k HDRIs for Iray

iRadiance - HDRI Variety Pack Four adds a wide variety of locations to your runtime, letting you instantly add 3D models and content to real world environments complete with lighting. Each HDRI has a very high range of lighting information with as much as 15 EVs worth of exposure information for hard shadows and accurate reflections. The 8192 x 4096 resolution makes sure there is enough detail for each location to be used as backgrounds as well as lighting. Separate presets for loading 5 different cameras will help you instantly render great angles at your character's default loading location.

- Desert C - Secluded mountainous desert (Sunny)
- Farm Road A - Four way dirt road junction (Sunny)
- Farm Road B - Long straight dirt road (Sunset)
- Garden C - Bamboo section of botanical garden (Shaded Sun)
- Mountain F - Mountain side with view and large stones (Shaded Sun)
- Mountain G - Gloomy shrubland with trees and distant mountains (Sunset)
- Mountain H - Dense woodland valley on incline (Shaded Sun)
- Road B - Secluded road in front of bare orchard (Sunny)

What's Included and Features

  • Eight HDRI Locations (8192 x 4096):
    • Desert C
    • Farm Road A
    • Farm Road B
    • Garden C
    • Mountain F
    • Mountain G
    • Mountain H
    • Road B
  • Eight Camera Presets: (5 cameras each)
    • 1 Full Frontal Camera
    • 2 Full Placement Cameras for points of interest
    • 2 Portrait Cameras with depth of field
  • HDR Utility Presets:
    • Adjust white balance
    • Apply tone mapping
    • Setup for interior lighting
    • Rotate dome and change visibility
  • Preview Rig Scenes :
    • Pano Aligned Camera
    • Ground Planes Near and Far
    • Aligned HDRI Background

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install