CeremonialGear accessories for Michael 4

CeremonialGear accessories for Michael 4

"We are the eyes of the night. The silence within the wind... We arise from the mist to defend the weak and vanquish the evil."- Excerpt from the Oath of the Guardians of Ga'hoole by Kathryn Lasky -
The CeremonialGear continues the "Gear" series, started with the SolidGear line. Meet the Spirit of the Owl, the Guardian of the Night as the totem of fierce and noble warriors! This timeless and versatile outfit will match modern and fantastic renders in equal measure. It is at home in science fiction settings, medieval worlds or modern times alike and unites shamanistic inpsirations with a modern touch. You will get all the outfit pieces in two rich color schemes. One warm tan and leaf green, the other lumnious sapphire and coal black. Natural fabrics like leather and linen were combined with semiprecious stones and metals to give the CeremonialGear just the right touch.


  • one conforming bracer figure
  • one conforming armband figure
  • one conforming mask figure with feather trim
  • one conforming cloak with feather collar
  • four texture sets for all pieces
  • Poser MATs for all options without SSS option
  • Poser MATs for all options with SSS option
  • partial MATs for a few of the material zones of the outfit figures

Product Includes:

  • all textures are between 500 x 500 and 4000 x 4000 pixels

Additional Notes:

Please consult the included readme file before use or view the readme file here.
This product does not contain DS materials. You will have to manually adjust the surface settings when using this product in DAZ|Studio.

Products used in promotional images:

  • Cesar Character Set for M4 by Raiya (DAZ3D)
  • GIS Orion by Jack Tomalin (DAZ3D)

Product Details:

Poser Version: 8+
Daz Studio: 3+
Zip Files: 2 (34 Mb, 48 Mb)
Date Added: Mar 8, 2013

Product requirements

Michael 4 Base, Morphs ++

Compatible figures: 
M4 Accessories for Daz Studio and Poser