Royale for SciWizard M4

Royale for SciWizard M4

Royale for SciWizard~~~
Meet the Royales -
aristocratic, shamanistic, full of power and beauty as they add that touch of elegance and beauty to your renders, from the tundra to the
elven wood to the alien space station - this exquisite texture collection can cover it all!


3 Complete Texture Collections for the SciWizard M4 Collection by Arki

SciWizard for M4 - 20

  • Vest - 3
  • Gloves - 3
  • Glovescales - 4
  • Pants - 7
  • Boots - 3
  • Bootscales - 4


  • 36 Texture Maps
  • 34 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps
  • 20 MAT Pose files

Additional Notes:

Please Note:
These files were specifically created and optimized for Poser 8+ with advanced shader settings. Daz Studio files are not included. In order to use in Daz Studio you will have to tweak the settings to get a good result. Not supported for Daz Studio.

Poser Version: 8+
Daz Studio: DS3+ with adjustments
Zip Files: 2 Zip Files (43.1MB, 42.4MB)
Date Added: Jul 5, 2013

Product requirements

Michael 4, SciWizard for M4 by Arki

Compatible figures: 
M4 Clothing Textures for Daz Studio and Poser