FSL Latex and Rubber DAZ 4.6

FSL Latex and Rubber DAZ 4.6

FSL Rubber and Latex mats is a masssive and unique set of rubber and latex materials for DAZ 4.6.

This set is great for adding rubber and latex to sets, outfits or even characters. So whether it's scifi, superheroes, or something a little sexier, FSL rubber and latex mats are for you!

Use the included mat poses for one-click convenience, mix and match with the included utility poses, or modify the base textures for nearly endless options! This pack includes 464 full shaders plus SSS versions of all of them.

FSL Rubber and Latex Mats is also a merchant resource, so you can feel free to modify the base textures and shaders for personal or commercial use as long as it is not in a similar tiling texture and shader pack.

FSL Rubber and Latex Mats Megapack includes the following:

44 Utility Specular only presets
04 Utility Transparency presets
16 Utility presets for use with your own diffuse maps

464 full mat poses, organized as follows:

232 Latex Shaders:

29 Plain Latex
29 Iridescent Latex
29 Clear Latex
29 Latex Net
29 Ribbed Latex
29 Floral Print Latex
29 Leopard Print Latex
29 Tiger Print Latex

232 Rubber Shaders:

29 Plain Rubber
29 Dingy Rubber
29 Textured Rubber
29 Rubber Net
29 Camo Print Rubber
29 Barred Rubber
29 Circle Rubber
29 Snakeskin Rubber

Plus SSS versions of all of the above shaders using Age of Armours SSS Shader Base.

The included mat poses are for DAZ 4.6; you must have DAZ 4.6 wit Age of Armours SSs Shader base installed for the sSS shaders to work.

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