MBS Expansion 1

MBS Expansion 1

This set adds seven new pieces to the Genesis Morphing Business Suit, all carefully crafted to layer with the suit and mimic its major morphs. Co-coordinating, high quality textures are also included to take your Genesis character from the boardroom to the Opera.

Like the suit, these items are loaded with morphs. For example, the cravat fits inside the shirt or inside the waistcoat, the scarf can hang down or be slung over the shoulders in various ways, there are extra morphs here for the shirt to change the collar into a tux style, the bow tie morphs into five different styles and the belt includes all the undress morphs that are in the pants.

In addition, there are loads of FBMS for all your Genesis males, females and children and even the odd monster type. There is a full list under the product features tab. Textures include touchable leathers and suede for the shoes and belt, a range of knits for the scarf, dozens of grosgrains, linens and silks for the bow tie and Ascot and lovely felts and straw for the morphing Fedora.

MBS Expansion 1 makes the fabulous Morphing Business Suit even better.

Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
  • Seven Conforming Clothing Items: (.DSF)
    • Ascot Tie
    • Belt
    • Bow Tie
    • Fedora
    • Scarf
    • Shoes And Socks
    • Waistcoat
    • One Prop With Smartprop Presets
      • Briefcase
      • Briefcase L
      • Briefcase R
    • Two Hand Poses for Genesis
      • Hold Briefcase L
      • Hold Briefcase R
    • 9 Extra Morphs for the Shirt from the Morphing Business Suit:
      • BowTieAscotFixer01
      • BowTieAscotFixer02
      • BowTieAscotFixer03
      • BowTieAscotFixer04
      • ForBowTieAndAscot
      • ForBowTieAndAscotPointsAboveBow
      • ForBowTieAndAscotSmallPoints
      • UnderWaistcoatTurnOffSmoothing
      • UnderWaistcoatUnbuttoned
  • Textures Include:
    • 15 Textures for the Ascot Cravat
    • 8 Textures for the belt
    • 29 Textures for the bow tie
    • 2 Textures for the briefcase
    • 17 Textures for the Fedora and band
    • 6 Textures for the scarf
    • 8 Textures for the tasselled loafers
    • 12 Textures for the socks
    • 6 suit-matched Textures for the waistcoat
    • From (211x215) to (5120x1024)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA
Compatible figures: 
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