Cheyenne Village Action V4

Cheyenne Village Action V4

Cheyenne Village Action for Victoria 4 is a recreation of the nomadic and highly sociable tipi life of the North American Plains Indians. Featuring the Native Cheyenne Village and accessories, this pose set configures Victoria 4 as an Indian woman engaged in various daily activities.

Here are tipi gossipers, cooks, dancers, gatherers, a buffalo skinner, workers, and more to liven up your scenes. All poses are ideal for both foreground and background positions. They are suitable for tipi, sun lodge, or sweat lodge scenes, and can be placed in other environments.

Included are:

  • 30 activity poses for V4,
  • 1 for the Millennium Dog/Wolf,
  • 1 for the Bison,
  • 31 fitting poses for the Cheyenne dress, West Wild skirt and vest, Courageous Tunic top, V4 Buccaneer vest, and the M4 Cheyenne loincloth.
  • 1 each for the knife, digging stick, pelt rack,
  • 2 utility poses for zeroing V4 and for loading the M4 knife to V4.
  • 68 poses in all.

Speaker poses feature hand poses modeled after actual Plains Indian Sign Language basic hands. Applying your own favorite V4 facial expressions can vary the emotional content of the activities. Arm poses are positioned for easy modification of the speakers.

Required Products
Millennium Dog Bundle
Native Cheyenne Village
Cheyenne for V4
3D Bison
Compatible 3D Figures
Victoria 4
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Cheyenne Action-V4:
    • Butchered Buffalo (for the Bison)
    • Butchering Buffalo
    • Captive Kiowa
    • Dancing 1V
    • Dancing 2V
    • Dancing 3V
    • Dancing 4V
    • Digging for Roots
    • Digging Stick
    • Fending Off Danger
    • Fetching Wood
    • Flirting
    • Gossiping 1
    • Gossiping 2
    • Gossiping 3
    • Gossiping 4
    • Gossiping 5
    • Gossiping 6
    • Gossiping 7
    • Knife for V4
    • Knife Loader V4
    • Offering Up Maize
    • Repelled Wolf (for the MilDog)
    • Repelling Wolf
    • Running for Help
    • Sampling Stew
    • Serving Stew
    • Slicing Stewmeat
    • Sniffing Spoor
    • Sorting Vegetables
    • Spotting in Distance
    • Stepping In
    • Stepping Out
    • Stretching Pelt-Rack
    • Stretching Pelt
    • Walking
    • Zero V4
  • Clothing Poses:
    • Captive- Cheyenne Dress
    • Dancing 1- Cheyenne Dress
    • Dancing 3- Cheyenne Dress
    • Dancing 4- Buccaneer Vest
    • Digging- Courageous Tunic
    • Fending Off- Courageous Tunic
    • Fending Off- Wild West Skirt
    • Fending Off- Wild West Vest
    • Fetching- Cheyenne Dress
    • Flirting- Cheyenne Dress
    • Gossiping 1- Wild West Skirt
    • Gossiping 1- Wild West Vest
    • Gossiping 2- Cheyenne Dress
    • Gossiping 3- Wild West Skirt
    • Gossiping 3- Wild West Vest
    • Gossiping 4- Cheyenne Dress
    • Offering- Cheyenne Dress
    • Repelling-M4 Loincloth
    • Sampling- Cheyenne Dress
    • Serving-M4 Loincloth
    • Spotting- Cheyenne Dress
    • Spotting- Wild West Skirt
    • Spotting- Wild West Vest
    • Stretching- Cheyenne Dress
    • Walking- Cheyenne Dress
    • Zero Courageous Tunic
    • Zero M4toV4 Loincloth
    • Zero V4 Cheyenne Dress
    • Zero V4 WestWildskirt
    • Zero V4 WestWildvest
    • Zero-BucVest
Compatible figures: 
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