Abandoned Research Lab

Abandoned Research Lab

Abandoned Research Lab for Daz Studio 4.9 Pro.

Abandoned Research Lab - In 2015, the Government had built away from civilization, hidden in the Alps of a
mountain a research laboratory on gene mutations for military purposes, but did not realize that what they
were creating would be much worse than a biological weapon, but a virus that would make people who worked
there in deadly and uncontrollable creatures. One who escaped death were contaminated by the virus caused
by wounds from bites or claws and became more of them as happen with the zombies mutants, only much more
fierce and tough!

Take care, if you want to explore what's left of the lab!

Built scene in Cinema 4D, Sculptris, ZBrush4R7, Photoshop and optimized for DAZ Studio 4.9
Iray and 3Delight.

Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

Requirements:  Daz Studio 4.9 Pro

Props for Poser and Daz Studio