Airship Minerva - Extended License

Airship Minerva - Extended License

Our model represents utopistic dream craft of french or belgian engineer, magician and balooner Étienne-Gaspard Robertson proposed sometimes between years 1783 and 1804. La Minerve, should be huge balloon or airship would have diameter of 50 meters and weighed 80 tonnes, and was intended to carry up to 60 scientists (and some sailors as well) across the oceans on great voyages of discovery. The main gondola should be built as large ship for emergency water landing. Inside would be not only cabins, but also library, laboratories and temple. Upper deck was intended for scout balloon take offs and landings. There was never stated what gas should carry this enormous aircraft but we designed our model so it can be carried by hot air as well by hydrogene gas. We also redisgned some unclear parts of Robertson´s idea for more convincing look. Airship Minerva is perfectly suitable to any fantasy, steampunk or even historical projects.

Requirements: Poser 6 and up.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio