Crystal Valley

Crystal Valley

Crystalline formations belong to the most remarkable natural creations. An extensive array of crystals of giant proportions always give the impression of an exotic or alien landscape or fantastic and fairy worlds. Our model allows you to create these fantastic scenery. There are included wide array or rock formations or boulders overgrown by wonderfully diverse crystals and crystaline growths. Furthermore, there are also individual crystals and crystals groups to further enhance or fill your scenes. As a bonus you also get large rocky valley prop, which can be used for making the crystalline sceneries. Textures and materials allow close-up renders. This set of scenery props is essential for anyone who creates fantasy, sci-fi, fairy tale and many other projects.

Included are:

11 crystal rocks
5 crystal groups
1 crastalline geode prop
1 monocrystal prop
1 rocky valley prop

17 crystalline materials
4 rocky materials

4 multilight presets

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