Exnem Bread for Daz Studio and Iray

Exnem Bread for Daz Studio and Iray

This product brings you a collection of sweet bread of outstanding quality and detail in the form of props for all your daz studio needs and 3D renders.

Each bread is highly detailed and some of them come with different options, like half eaten and half cut.

Each bread comes with 3000x3000 pixels textures for great closeups and detail. Each bread also comes with a default MAT that will let you render them with ease and achieve beautiful renders even on very simple or bad lit scenes.

Included in this package are the following items (each with their respective diffuse, bump map and specular textures):

basket Full
Bread A
Bread B
Bread B Half
Bread B Bitten
Bread C
Bread D
Bread D Half
Bread D Bitten
Bread E
Bread E Half
Bread E Bitten
Bread F
Bread F Half
Bread F Bitten
Bread G
Bread G Half
Bread G Bitten
Bread H
Bread I
Bread I Half
Bread I Bitten
Bread J
Bread K
Bread K Half
Bread K Bitten
Bread L
Bread M
Bread M Half
Bread M Bitten

Also included are Smart Prop versions of some of these breads with their respective hand pose for easy and quick posing. Note: You may have to set limits off for some of the hand poses to work.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio