Flying Wing

Flying Wing

A flying wing is a tailless fixed-wing aircraft that has no definite fuselage. The crew, payload, fuel, and equipment are typically housed inside the main wing structure, although a flying wing may have various small protuberances such as pods, nacelles, blisters, booms, or vertical stabilizers.Hugo Junkers patented a wing-only air transport concept in 1910.This concept became less experimental after World War I when the opportunity to discard any form of fuselage arose and the true flying wing could be realized.

What is included:
Flying wing ERC figure
(multiple ERC dials for control)
M4 Pilot and Gunner Poses
Light Glares smart props

Scaled to poser people, 4kx4k textures intended for mid range projects, This is fully rigged figure with erc controls, suitable for animations. Unpacked runtime size: 70 MB

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Props for Poser and Daz Studio