Fountain Maker Kit - Arcing Streams - Extended License

Fountain Maker Kit - Arcing Streams - Extended License

This is a kit of 40 arcing water streams, along with three (3) vertical plumes of pure water to help you in designing and making photo-realistic fountains.

There are five sets of arcing water streams. Each set of water streams arcs at a different angle away from the vertical, and each set contains eight (8) alternative streams, to provide you with the means to create natural variation in the water.

This kit also includes three simple pure water plumes of different heights, so that you can create the fountain sprays quickly with just the components in the kit. (Please consider adding other FOUNTAIN MAKER KITS to find components that will help you complete your fountain.)

The kit includes four "spacing guides" to help you quickly place and position any of these arcing water streams in a round fountain or basin. (One of the pictures shows how to use the "8-point guide".)

Please note that the pivot point of each water arc model has been carefully placed at the point of origin of each water arc. This allows you to rapidly place and orient a stream of water in your fountain. The arcing streams can be scale down to fit smaller fountains, or scaled up as needed.

Simple water or glass materials are all that are needed for these models.

Software: UNITY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio