Fountain Maker Kit - Mid Height Water Streams - Extended LIcense

Fountain Maker Kit  - Mid Height Water Streams - Extended LIcense

Fountain Maker Kits provide inexpensive photo-realistic water and foam elements to make or add to water fountain models.

The Mid-Height Water Streams Kit contains eight fountaining streams of water to add to an existing or newly designed water fountain.

There are three low geysers of foam and water, useful in single-bowl European-style fountains.

There are three mid-height streaming fountains with six arms. Two are similar to each other, but one originates at water surface level while the other originates on a pedestal or other structure several several inches above the water surface. (A simple pedestal is included in this KIT.) The third of these fountains originates from rotating nozzles so that the arms form a rotating star when seen from a higher point of view.

A fourth of the mid-height streaming fountains has six closely-spaced vertical jets of water that are more active and create a lot of foam at their base.

The fifth streaming fountain has six arms that are angled upward and away from each other to form a more quiet, lace-like fall of water.

These are the professional-grade, physically accurate water and foam elements used in movies, games and architectural renderings.

All but the last of these streaming fountains has both a water and a foam component. Simple water or glass materials should be applied to the water components, while almost any bright, glossy white material works well for the foam components.

The fountain and basin structures illustrating typical uses of these fountain streams are not included in this kit. Only the water and foam elements, with a supporting pedestal are in the Kit.

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