Fountain Maker Kit - Round Water Surfaces - Extended License

Fountain Maker Kit - Round Water Surfaces - Extended License

Fountain Maker Kits provide inexpensive photo-realistic water and foam elements to make or add to water fountain models. These are the professional-grade, physically accurate water and foam elements used in movies, games and architectural renderings.

This Round Water Surfaces Kit contains eight round water surface disks to add to an existing fountain so as to create an entirely photo-realistic, physically accurate pool of water for the fountain.

The Kit also has a six-sided and an eight-sided water surface disk for fountains typical of Middle Eastern cultures. And, the kit includes 21 different foam pieces for the tops of these water surface disks. If your fountain has a plume of falling water, foam pieces can be added to the areas where the falling water impacts the pool surface to create foam.

These round water surfaces are superior to the flat planes typically applied to 3D water fountain models in several ways. First, their surfaces are irregular - they have exactly the forms of water that is moving, or that have slight amounts of air passing over them. (They have the natural forms of moving water, rather than the semi-regular forms simulated by Perlin Noise-based materials and textures.) These important surface irregularities reflect light in ways that are physically-accurate and photo-realistic. These water surfaces add photo-realism to any scene.

Second, physically accurate caustic patterns are built into the mesh of these water surfaces. You do not need special to apply special caustic water materials to your water fountains or use special lighting for your scenes when you wish to displays the caustic water patterns. You can apply any standard water or glass material to these water surface objects. You can apply slightly color-tinted waters for sunsets and sunrises. You can apply night lights to the waters for evening scenes full of water reflections. (Please look at the sample images of typical uses for these water surfaces.)

These round water surface disks can be subsituted for existing water planes in fountains purchased here or elsewhere. They are designed to be easily and quickly scaled to fit within your fountains. You can use them for any of the many free or inexpensive fountains that can be found on the internet or within this Store. You can combine them with the pieces found in other Fountain Maker Kits to create fountains of your own design. These will add a sparkle and sense of action to any scene, without detracting from the main focus of the scene.

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