Furniture Set Two, Armoire

Furniture Set Two, Armoire

This line of Furniture products, continues with Armoire Two

It comes with the Armoire and a huge amount of material options.

What else can we say other than bagginsbill got his hands on this one and he just can not help himself.

The other sets include new materials in each new release, so if you collect them all,

you will end up with a lot of hand crafted materials created by the man himself.

~~~~ Here is what is included with the set ~~~

1 Armoire Two with morphs for the 5 Drawers

1 Both Doors Swing

1 Left Door Swing

1 Right Door Swing

The upper Cabinet has separate transform Controls for when the Chest is Hidden

~~~ Poses ~~~

14 Pose Sets SHOW HIDE

Hide Show The Metal Table Edge may be hidden via HIDE SHOW Poses

It also has morph controls for the height and position on the table edge.

Show Modern Style hides all the detail parts

Show Neo Classic style shows all the detail parts

Hide Show Chest leaving Upper Cabinet with its transform controls

Hide Show Upper Cabinet leaving the Chest with its transform controls

Hide Show Chest End Panels

Hide Show Chest Oval Panels

Hide Show Door Flutes

Hide Show Door Oval Panels

Hide Show Drawer Panels

Hide Show Metal Feet

Hide Show Decorative Swirls Front

Hide Show Decorative Swirls Sides

Hide Show Upper End Panels

Hide Show Upper Oval Panels

~~~ Materials ~~~

1 Default .mc6 to put back to original loading materials

35 Drawer Face Materials .mc6

27 Hardware Materials .mc6

49 Single Materials .mc5

4 Stone Top .mc6

1 Mirror Glass .mc6 for the Door Panels

28 Wood Textures .mc6

7 Paint Shaders .mc6

Wood Textures courtesy of Jan Weigand Images up to 2198 x 3391 pixels for great close ups.

Thanks Jan for the beautiful Textures!

You can find Jan's work here.


All renders completed in Poser

All content by Dreamland Models and bagginsbill

Not tested in Daz Studio.

Requirements:  Poser 8 and above

Props for Poser and Daz Studio