LineGuides_Stanchions FBX OBJ non exclusive

LineGuides_Stanchions FBX OBJ non exclusive

Product Description : Line Guides, Stanchions, and Velvet Rope,
The velvet robe and stanchions that you see in theaters, banks, and night clubs.
You can make as many combinations as are needed. There is an end stanchion, a center stanchion
which hooks in four directions and the rope and hooks.

(Also see #10 below Files List)
This product is for use in any software that can open:
Wavefront object files.(.obj) and/or FBX files (.fbx)
UV mapped (non-overlapping)All Quads and Tris
Tested in : Gic Player, FBX review, Cheetah 3D, and Poser Pro 2014 Poser Dev
Generally scaled but not exclusively for poser figures.
Textures Included : This product uses image maps for textures. 1024 x 1024
Template (if included) : 1024 x 1024
File Format: fbx and/or Wavefront obj
This product contains: fbx and/or obj files.
Polygon Count : 5488 approx Vertices : 5460 approx
Poser Tips: on both FBX and OBJ
set properties > Smooth Polygons > crease angle > 45.00 also add reflection.
Import obj with only (normals consistent checked)
Objects can be separated in Edit Tools > Grouping Tool

Props for Poser and Daz Studio