Maple trees collection1

Maple trees collection1

This items contains 8 Maple Trees and the respective Trunks and materials for red, yellow and brown leafs. Both for Poser and DazStudio.
For poser it has both firefly and superfly capabilities.
For dazstudio it has both Iray and 3Ddelight materials. For Daz Aal the scenes and props are with Iray materials/ shaders, if you need to render with 3Ddelight you need to load the 3Ddelight materials, because it wont render in 3Ddelight with Iray materials/ shaders.

Note for DazStudio:
To open the scenes in DazStudio it is necessary the product Realistic Grass Ultimate.
For Poser you can create similar images as in the promos the Product Realistic Grass Ultimate is also available for poser.
For other files formats like OJB, FBX and C4D please check the editorial tab for links.

Props for Poser and Daz Studio