Modern Bathroom 2.0 for Daz Studio

Modern Bathroom 2.0 for Daz Studio

Modern Bathroom 2.0

Build your own modern bathroom with this modular prop set. Several furniture items to choose from, like a shower, washing basin, cabinets, mirrored wall cabinet, shelves, toilet, towel holders and more. Everything you need for a bathroom is included. Several material options, like different styles for floor, ceiling, walls and different styles for the tiling of the shower, basin and toilet etc.

All doors are operable easily with custom sliders. All props can be freely moved and scaled.

You can of course use your own shaders with the props to replace any of the provided materials if you like.

This product is great to combine with other products that contain household props etc.

- Basin Cabinet with Doors (doors can be removed)
- Basin Faucet
- Basin
- Cabinet with Doors (doors can be removed)
- Ceiling Lamp
- Edge Shelf
- Glass Shelf
- Glass
- Hair Spray Bottle
- Heating
- Mirrored Wall Cabinet with doors (doors can be removed)
- Paper Holder with Paper
- Toilet Paper Roll
- Paper Holder
- Shampoo Bottle
- Shower Complete (all parts are movable and can be removed)
- Shower Door
- Shower Faucet
- Shower Head
- Shower Side Window
- Sleeping Pills Box
- Soap Dispenser
- Stool
- Towel Holder (Twin)
- Towel Holder (Single)
- Trash bin
- Toilet
- Room Base Scene Subset (all walls, ceiling and floor)
- Ceiling
- Floor
- Wall Back
- Wall L and R

All Props come with applied Iray Materials. Some Props have different material options available.

Iray Material Presets
- 5 Material Options for Floor / Ceiling and Walls
- Iray Light Emissions Presets for Ceiling Lamp
- 5 Material Options for the Basin
- 3 Material Options for the Door Handles (Metals and Glass)
- 2 Material Options for the Shower Base
- 3 Material Options for the complete shower (changes base and glass parts)
- 2 Material Options for the Toilet

- Furnitured Bathroom Scene Subset

Textures Included:
- 29 Diffuse, Bump and Normal Maps (up to 2048x2048)

This product is optimized for Iray.


- DAZ Studio 4.9 or later (with Iray)

This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.10 (PC & Mac).
This product is for DAZ Studio only. Not tested in or recommended to be used with Poser.

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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