MS20 Wright Cyclone 9 Radial Engine for Vue 9

MS20 Wright Cyclone 9 Radial Engine for Vue 9

When the Navy wanted a fast-climbing fighter for convoy duty, it chose a Wildcat variant built by General Motors and powered by an R-1820- 56 Cyclone. The valves, cylinder heads, transmission gears, lubricating system, and supercharger had all been improved by this time. Even so, the FM-2 couldn't match the high-altitude performance of its Grumman cousins with their Pratt & Whitney engines — but that scarcely mattered, because it was intended for low-level work, finding and strafing submarines, but also including the Douglas SBD dive bomber and the Lockheed Hudson light bomber.

When I finished my model of the USS Yorktown Carrier... I still had the itch to do a hanger scene which you can find in my Gallery here. I wanted both the engine that I could place in the nose of the planes being worked on as well as in cradles on the floor.

The model is two components, the engine, and that moveable engine cradle, and naturally, loving the uniqueness of Vue's Procedural metal materials.

Hope you will enjoy.

Vue 9

Props for Poser and Daz Studio