onlyallure mod bedroom

onlyallure mod bedroom

This product is a complete bedroom set consisting of walls, floor, ceiling, lighting and an array of furnishings and finishes. It has been developed as a perfect environment for realistic figurative rendering using Daz Studio Iray.

Whether it is for a visual story, glamor shots or to create a domestic scene, this product will give you the space and flexibility to maneuverer your camera around the scene without being overly cramped by walls or out of place furnishings.

The design of this set is to place the furnishings at the far end, away from the camera. It is suggested that when loading the scene, the user hides the camera wall, allowing for a good view of the whole room and placement of their camera for that perfect shot. You can also set up your camera in the doorway which will also allow for a wider shot of the whole space.

DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

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