Photo Buffet: Autumn Fruit - Extended Licence

Photo Buffet: Autumn Fruit - Extended Licence

Enjoy the delights of photorealistic fruit, with many variations ranging from pristine and clean to different stages of decay. Perfect for dinner and food scenes and also for nature scenes where you want a realistic look of fallen fruit. Not only that, you have sliced apples, cut apples and a pear with real bite marks in it! These items are high res, and each props has 2048x2048 textures which is quite large considering their size and scale. This enables you to use them for extreme close ups and even macros.

All together, you get 16 different fruit props, which includes a full set of speckled apples, long pears and small pears. Also, a ultra high resolution food bowl is included.

Apple 1
Apple 1 No spots
Apple 2
Apple 2 No spots
Apple 3 with oxidized gash
Apple Half cut with knife
Apple half decayed 1
Apple half decayed 2
Apple black rotten
Pear 1
Pear 2
Pear 2 with bite marks
Small pear
Small pear bitten and decayed 1
Small pear bitten and decayed 2
Fruit bowl

All of my food collections come with at least one Kitchen Prop. This one has a high resolution fruit bowl with 4096x4096 textures.

An object version is included, which allows you to use the prop in virtually any 3d application, and a Daz materials file is included as well.

Software: Poser 6, Poser 7+, Daz Studio 3, Vue 11, Daz Studio 4

Requirements:  Any program that opens obj files and textures

Props for Poser and Daz Studio