Rock And Roll Stone and Rock Shades and Models for Daz Studio and Iray.

Rock And Roll Stone and Rock Shades and Models for Daz Studio and Iray.

This set of over 40 rock shader presets and rock, boulder and rock formation props for Daz studio and Iray has been compiled to complement my sets already available for vue so that the same level of realism and detail can be bought in to your Daz studio Iray renders!
A huge selection of over 40 Shader presets plus lots of utility presets to change material scale, depth of displacement and sub division of models usng the unique Normal and displacement mapping capabilities of Daz Studio to insure lots of added detail to any surface that these presets are applied too.

The stones and rocks have been created in vue using the natural fractal based modeling system that produces vue\\\'s distinctive hyper realistic landscape and rocks, imported and adapted for use as Daz Studio props. This gives you added oomph to your arsenal of natural feature props as well as several large scale formations such as monaltihs and stone spires there are rock arches and steps as well as a few wonderful hero rocks and boulders which make a perfect base on which to stand your favorite Daz characters.
They have been specialty uv mapped so that when the materials are applied to them they work in a unique way to provide strata and texture that looks amazingly natural.

The shader presets are a wonderful way to breathe new life in to an old prop and transform it in to something new and realistic, or to use on your own models. They are all based on tiling texture maps taken from real world rock and stones, and will look wonderful on lots of objects, with a little experimentation.

Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio