Shader Plan - Iray Classic Tile Floors and Props

Shader Plan - Iray Classic Tile Floors and Props

The SHADER PLAN by Fabiana FKDesign.
Iray Classic Tile Floor Shaders and props.
Includes "White Pottery" set for Daz Studio.


*** Made after the Essentials Poser Floors ***
Prop Floor & White Pottery included

93 Floor Shaders
Partials for Bumps, Normals, Reflectivity, Glossyness.
06 Fading Options - 08 Tiling Options
75 High Res 5000x5000 super optimized jpg files that render fast and smoothly.

01 Floor Prop
08 Scene Subsets with grouped Vase props
12 Individual Vase props
30 Material Files for the Vases



If you loved the Poser floors I did back in 2008 and were incredibly popular and still are, then you sure have been waiting for this version for DS...
The same colors, the same look, the delicate veins and accurate surface detail, all what you were used to get, now is here for Iray.

Just apply these to any surface, floor, pedestals, bases, etc.
Not more than apply, play, and be happy :D

The "White Pottery" set is the perfect partner, modern, stylized, simple.
You can customize these vases with any existing shader, mine or not... all them are correctly mapped and have coherent uvs.
The base idea is the minimalist style, in white, with touches of color... but they can be really textured and colorized in every way you could imagine.

Thank you very much for purchase my products


Software: Daz Studio 4.9 ONLY, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio