EF-Acoustic Guitar

EF-Acoustic Guitar

"Do you wanna get Rock?"..... Do you know these words of the rock band Def Leppard? Have you ever wanted Michael 4 or Victoria 4 become Rock Stars? Now it is possible with this beautiful acoustic guitar, created with lots of details and with 17 different textures of high quality. Very easy to use with many possibility of different poses. Now I just want to remember Twisted Sister singing "I wanna Rock"...

Acoustic Guitar:

Foostool (obj+pp2)
Guitar on Stand (obj+pp2)
Guitar set (obj+pp2)
Microphone Alone (obj+pp2)
Microphone (obj+pp2)
Strap guitar (obj+pp2)
Pick (obj+pp2)
17 Mat for Guitar
28 poses for M4
38 poses for V4
Hands poses


Product requirements

Any 3D program which use Obj files, M4 and V4 for poses.

Compatible figures: 
Props for Poser