3DToons Toon Generation Knight Bundle

3DToons Toon Generation Knight Bundle

Welcome the new 3DToons bundle....

Turn 3DUniverse's Toon Generation into a fearsome knight or warrior with this set. This set contains various props, such as armor, helmets, shields, weapons, poses and even siege engines scaled for use with the toon generation figures.

You will get boots and a full armor in 2 styles. All of these items are conforming clothing items, complete with the ToonGen body shapes, like female, skeletal, malebuff and more. This set is not made for extreme poses, but will handing regular bending and twisting quite well. The Armor is one conforming item, made up of 9 parts, a breatplate, leg plates and arm plates.

To complete the armor, 2 body textures are included, giving a chainmail look to your ToonGen figure. In addition to the conforming clothing items, there are 4 helmets, 2 in the light style and 2 in the dark style. All of the helmets have a large head (default) and small head version. For your convenience, a small head pose is included. (Please note that DS4 users do not have to use the small version of the helmets, they can use the large version, since they will scale automatically to the correct size.)

Turning 3DUniverse's Toon Generation into a fearsome knight or warrior is one thing, but allowing them to besiege a castle is something else. With 3DToons Siege weapons, no castle is too large or too small to conquer. This set contains various props, such as a bow and arrow and various siege engines and of course a ladder to climb over those walls. To go with it, there are various poses for the ToonGen to operate these massive engines. All of the props have material zones for using your own textures of shaders/colors.

While this bundle is designed for the Toon Generation, the props can be used stand-alone or for other figures as well, but you will need to do some adjusting and scaling yourself.

As a bonus it also contains a set of textures for SilverElf's Toon Generation Fantasy clothes set found at http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/toon-generation-fantasy/86549 This texture set turns the clothing into an armor in 5 styles: blue, purple, orange, dark and a more neutral one. Materials for P5, P6+ and DS are included. for P5 and DS you will find them in the pose folder and for P6+ in the material folder. Textures for the following clothing items are included: Bracers, Breast Plate, Pants, Short Boot Cuffs, Short Boots, Tabard, Tabard_Short, Tunic 1, Tunic Belt.

The knights helmets, flags and shields are colored in the same styles. All of the props have material zones for using your own textures of shaders/colors.


* 3 Conforming clothing items (boots, light style armor (9 parts), dark style armor (9 parts) for 3DUniverse's Toon Generation Character
* ToonGen body dials are included with the conforming clothing items to fit body shapes like female, skeletal, malebuff and more
* 8 smart-props helmets for the armor: 2 light style large helmets, 2 light style small helmets, 2 dark style large helmets, 2 dark style small helmets (DS users only need the large style ones)
* 2 chainmail body textures for the Toon Generation Character included for both Poser and DAZ Studio
* 15 weaponry props and 5 variations for the helmets, shields and flags. The Knight Helmet comes in large and small size
* 10 siege props like bow & arrows, onager, siege tower, battering ram and more.
* Siege Tower included morphs to open the ramp in 6 positions
* Onager (Catapult) has morphs for shooting * Battering Ram has morphs for battering gates * The bow has a draw morph
* 24 poses for combat and siege engine operation
* 1 small head pose
* material zones & textures
* BONUS: Armor Texture Set in 5 Styles for SilverElfs Toon Generation Fantasy clothes
* high res 1500x1500 & 2500x2500 textures
* Materials for Poser 6+ and DS

Needed items to make optimal use of this bundle:



Product requirements

Poser 6+ & DS; Toon Generations Base from DAZ; Toon Generation Fantasy by SilverElf_SE at Renderosity
Compatible figures: 
Props Scenes and Architecture for Daz Studio and Poser