Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room for DAZ Studio

Build your dream living room with this modular prop set. Several cabinets in different versions (with inner lighting, glass doors, door stop left or right), racks, tables, sofa, armchair, TV, lamps and many more items are available for you to build your desired living room. All doors are operable easily with custom sliders, the spotlights (ceiling and wall) are rotatable by sliders as well, so that you can easily adjust the lighting directions. The shelves in the cabinets are still movable so that you can adjust their height levels to fit your needs.

This product contains 28 props, several prop groups and 1 complete scene


- Armchair
- Book
- Cabinet High with Glass Front (in 2 versions)
- Cabinet High (in 2 version)
- Cabinet High Double Doors
- Cabinet High Double Doors with Glass Front
- Cabinet Low with Glass Front
- Cabinet Low
- Ceiling Spotlights (the single spots are easily rotatable by custom slider)
- Coffee Table
- DVD Player
- Floor Lamp
- Mirror
- Ottoman
- Phone with Station (2 props parented)
- Rack Low
- Side Table
- Sofa
- Speaker
- Sub-woofer
- Table Lamp
- Top Shelf
- TV Remote
- TV-Rack
- TV
- Wall Spotlight (with custom slider for rotation)
- Window Blinds

There are 4 preset wall systems available and an empty base room plus the single elements (walls etc.) as well. To quick start just use the provided full room scene.
You can easily build your own wall systems of course too. The preset ones are meant as samples only and not limited to that.


- DAZ Studio 4.6 or later

All geometry files are in the OBJ file format and can be imported into any other program that is able to handle the OBJ file format.

Product requirements

Daz Studio 4.5
Props Scenes and Architecture for Daz Studio