Ron's Cables & Hoses

Ron's Cables & Hoses

In this amazing set of Cables Hoses I developed these for all you enthusiastic cyborg people with a passion for sci-fi in your Models and concept designs.

The product is in Photoshop .PSD format all are 4k @ 300dpi layered files,12 Total files with over 300 Cables inside.There are Twisted,hanging, free flowing designs single,dual and combined hoses with connectors and attachments with a few that are grudged up with tape and grunge overlays and decals.

I created all the Hose and Cables in Illustrator and brought them in Photoshop added the attachments using a 3d program and pieced them together and many thanks to DZ Fires (Nurnies Greebles Parts and pieces) that really helped in achieving this project.

Hope you can get some good use out of these look forward to your creations, Happy New Year and Thank You to everyone that supports
me and my family, Ron.

What's Included and Features

  • 12 layered Photoshop Files 4096px X 4096px @ 300dPI. Total of over 300 Cables Hoses (.PSD)

Install Types:

Install Manager, Manual Install