SCRIPTING Made Simple Vol-2: Mathematics and Looping in Daz Script

SCRIPTING Made Simple Vol-2: Mathematics and Looping in Daz Script

This tutorial package picks up where the introduction to Daz Scripting culminated. Further your coding experience and learn even more ways to make Daz Studio work for you. This volume demonstrates how to use mathematics and looping functions in your own scripts (code); no previous programming experience required. This is a good place to start if you have a general idea of how programming works and can find the Script IDE in Daz Studio. No additional programming tools are required! This volume continues building the foundational skills you will need later on to control the Scene in Daz Studio.

This volume covers both simple and advanced concepts of mathematics and looping you will need to manipulate data within Daz Studio. Math functions like addition and subtraction are easy enough, but you will also learn how to make mathematical comparisons within your code. It is loaded with examples to help you learn how to make your script count and even make its own decisions. The functions covered in this training are used in all but the simplest of scripts written for Daz Studio. Further your experience and skillset with Daz Scripting now!

This scripting workshop was developed with Daz Studio 4 and designed with beginners in mind. It introduces general mathematical and looping concepts required to program in the Script IDE included with Daz Studio. This volume consists of over 5 modules of information covered in both WMV and MP4 format at resolution of 1280x720. This training also includes a colorful fully-illustrated standard PDF document covering all the material from the videos.

You can watch an overview here:

What's Included and Features

  • Preparation and Review
    • Case Sensitivity
    • End Of Line
    • Scripts Folder
    • Commenting Your Code
    • Naming Conventions
    • Common Prefixes
  • Module 1: Basic Math
    • 1.1 Mathematical Symbols
    • 1.2 Assignments
    • 1.3 Strings
    • 1.4 Operations
    • 1.5 Fractions
    • 1.6 Combining Strings
    • 1.7 Incrementing and Decrementing
    • 1.8 Combining Operation with Assignment
    • 1.9 Precedence of Operators
    • 1.10 Grouping with Parenthesis
  • Module 2: Comparing Values
  • Module 3: Blocking Code
  • Module 4: Conditional Statements
    • 4.1 If - Else
    • 4.2 Switch - Case
  • Module 5: Looping Statements
    • 5.1 For
    • 5.2 While
    • 5.3 Do - While
  • Parsing Errors
    • Code Blocks
    • Copy - Paste


  • This product includes:
    • 1 MP4 General Installer
    • 1 WMV General Installer

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