SCRIPTING Made Simple Vol-3: Strings, Dates and more for Daz Script

SCRIPTING Made Simple Vol-3: Strings, Dates and more for Daz Script

This tutorial package continues your training with Daz Scripting with more than just numbers. This volume demonstrates how to use strings (written information), date and time, and even more mathematics in your own scripts (code); no previous programming experience required. No additional programming tools are required! This volume continues building the foundational skills you will need to exchange information between your script and the Daz Studio users it was written for.

Strings can be thought of as a place to hold useful information in text format for your projects. You will learn how to modify and extract information from written data contained in strings, including an introduction to ASCII code and characters. Using the Date functions of Daz Scripting, your code can determine cool things like; what time is it, what day of the month is it, or is it Friday yet? After a quick review of number types, we cover more dreaded (but necessary) mathematics functions. We demonstrate how to round numbers up/down, determine things like absolute values, and how to generate random numbers which can be useful for such things as gaming applications.

This scripting workshop was developed with Daz Studio 4 and designed with beginners in mind. This volume introduces String, Date and Math functions not previously covered, is loaded with examples, and includes a complete script using some of the functions covered that determines if a number is odd or even. This volume consists of over 4 modules of information covered in both WMV and MP4 format at resolution of 1280x720. This training also includes a colorful fully-illustrated standard PDF document covering all the material from the videos.

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What's Included and Features

  • Module 1: Number Types
    • 1.1 Whole Numbers
    • 1.2 Positive and Negative
    • 1.3 Integer and Real Numbers
  • Module 2: MATH
    • 2.1 Expression(s)
    • 2.2 Absolute Values
    • 2.3 Ceiling/Floor
    • 2.4 Powers and Squares
    • 2.5 Rounding Off
    • 2.6 Random Numbers
    • 2.7 Min/Max Values
    • 2.8 "E"
    • 2.9 Exponent and Logarithm
  • Module 3: STRINGS
    • 3.1 Find Character
    • 3.2 Trim Extra Spaces
    • 3.3 Upper/Lower Case
    • 3.4 Left, Middle and Right
    • 3.5 Empty String
    • 3.6 ASCII Conversion
  • Module 4: DATE/TIME
    • 4.1 Current Date
    • 4.2 Universal Time
    • 4.3 New Date Objects
    • 4.4 Date to String
    • 4.5 Year/Month/Day
    • 4.6 Day of Week
    • 4.7 Hour/Minute


  • This product includes:
    • 1 MP4 Installer
    • 1 WMV Installer

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