SCRIPTING Made Simple Vol-4: Arrays and Creating Functions for Daz Script

SCRIPTING Made Simple Vol-4: Arrays and Creating Functions for Daz Script

Just when you thought you had enough, this tutorial package continues your training in Daz Script. This volume demonstrates how to customize the IDE, use arrays for related data items, grasp some advanced programming concepts, and define your own functions. Best of all, no previous programming experience required, and no additional programming tools are required! This volume continues building the foundational skills with new data manipulation techniques and how to further control Daz Studio with your own script.

You will learn more about debugging and the Log file, and be able to create your own color scheme for the IDE programming environment. With arrays, you are able to store many pieces of related information (data) into a single named variable. You will learn how to create, expand, and convert those arrays into strings. You will learn how to use nesting with multiple loop statements for replicating tasks. When you need specialized routines, creating functions will teach you how to develop user-defined functions for your every need.

This scripting workshop was developed with Daz Studio 4 and designed with beginners in mind. This volume demonstrates customizing the IDE, introduces Arrays and User-defined functions along with how to use them, and expands your skill set with some advanced concepts to begin moving you from beginner towards intermediate coder. This volume consists of over 4 modules of information covered in both WMV and MP4 format at a resolution of 1280x720. This training also includes a colorful fully-illustrated standard PDF document covering all the material from the videos.

What's Included and Features

  • SCRIPTING Made Simple Vol-4: Arrays and Creating Functions for Daz Script
  • Module 1: Customize IDE:
    • 1.1 Preferences
    • 1.2 Current Line
    • 1.3 Indents and Tabs
    • 1.4 Paragraph Markers
    • 1.5 Minimizing Actions
    • 1.6 Debug/Output Panel
    • 1.7 Log File
  • Module 2: Arrays:
    • 2.1 Declaring Array
    • 2.2 Element Naming
    • 2.3 Determine Array
    • 2.4 Counting Elements
    • 2.5 Length vs. Indexing
    • 2.6 Undefined Array
    • 2.7 Defining Elements
  • Module 3: Advanced Concepts:
    • 3.1 Nesting
    • 3.2 Labels
  • Module 4: User-Defined Functions:
    • 4.1 Basic Types
    • 4.2 Parts of Function
    • 4.3 Designing Functions
    • 4.4 Function Type 1
    • 4.5 Function Type 2
    • 4.6 Function Type 3
    • 4.7 Method toString
    • 4.8 Function Type 4
    • 4.9 Method forEach
  • 5 BONUS: Fun with Math:
    • 5.1 Finding Integers
  • Videos Available in .MP4 or .WMV Formats
  • Detailed Volume 4 Guide (.PDF)


  • This product includes:
    • 2 General Installer

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