Lonely Places Landscape Materials For Vue D Esprit

Lonely Places Landscape Materials For Vue D Esprit

Lonely Places Is a set of thirty landscape materials which will instantly transform your hills, mountains, and meadows into realistic looking terrain. This set of materials for Vue D Esprit 6 is a "must have" addition to your Vue texture library. It fills the need for more distant landscape textures ready made for Vue users who do not want to spend time making their own in Vue's powerful, but sometimes complicated material editor. All of the materials in this pack will create that realistic look without the long render times that adding ecosystems and high definition texture maps to background terrains often do. They come in a range of environments from wintry mountains, moorlands, lush pastures and fields, to desert and barren landscapes, thus insuring that there is something here to suit all of your landscape rendering needs!

Ideal as a backdrop for your imported characters, and set to be altitude and slope influenced so snow, rock, and grass all appear at the appropriate altitude and gradient, setting up a scene couldn’t be easier and can now be done in just a few clicks! These materials look great from the ground as well as from the air, and make wonderful landscapes when "Vued" from dragon back, or from your own two feet!

This Product requires VUE 6 Esprit
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
What's Included & Features
  • Thirty High Quality Landscape Materials
    • Distant Dune .mat
    • Distant Dune - Sparse grass.mat
    • Snow Fields.mat
    • Winter Moorland Fields.mat
    • Winter in the Mountains.mat
    • Tundra.mat
    • Highland Winter.mat
    • Vegitation and Soil.mat
    • Distant Heather.mat
    • Distant Moorland.mat
    • Dry Moorland.mat
    • Wyverndale.mat
    • Cold mountain moorland.mat
    • Rock and Foliage.mat
    • Wild Moors.mat
    • Verdant Landscape.mat
    • Parched Heath.mat
    • Barren Lands.mat
    • Dead Lands.mat
    • Fallow Lands.mat
    • Fallow Hills.mat
    • Stony Waste.mat
    • Patchy Pasture.mat
    • Cold Mountain - Summer.mat
    • Grey moors.mat
    • Cold Mountain - moorland.mat
    • Silver hillside.mat
    • Alpine Pasture.mat
    • Dusty Mountain.mat
    • Dragondale
  • All Materials are designed to provide an instant landscape, material scale can be adjusted to correspond with your needs.
  • Great Base materials for building ecosystems of rocks and plants.
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